Warranty certificate

Product warranty is granted based on the materials of which it is made and is valid from the date of receipt as follows:

- 1 (one) year for products made entirely from Swarovski elements (pearls, crystals)

- 30 days for products containing combinations of common metals, glass, ceramics, porcelain, painted materials and natural textile materials.


The warranty covers only defects that occur during normal use and does not apply to:


- Products that have come into contact with water or various chemicals;

- Chemical reactions due to perfume, body creams or other maintenance products;

- Long exposure to sun, high temperatures or increased humidity;

- Products worn during sleep or during physical exercise;

- Products scratched with corrosive objects and or products improperly stored.


The buyer can not demand the replacement of the jewelery due to the fall of the stones (Article 449/2003).


Oxidized silver is not considered to be a defect because it can be cleaned and brought back to the original state by user as per the instructions on the website.



All jewelery products sold by SC Bijoo Iris Handmade SRL benefit from free repairs in 1 year:


- Fastening Swarovski elements to silver products (lost crystals/pearls are not replaced for free but may be replaced for an additional cost if available in stock).

- Repairing broken necklaces and bracelets (will not replace common materials / metals, glass).

- Repairing the locks and earring handles.

Loss of stones is not covered by the warranty.